The DPI Team consists of a selected group of professional real estate managers, and associated site and corporate office staff. Our managers are knowledgeable, courteous, and well equipped to deal with various long term and day-to-day management challenges.


Direct Properties Inc. provides a wide range of specialized asset management services to Financial Institutions, Real Estate Companies, and Individual Entrepreneurs.

Our team of experienced professionals was assembled from the nucleus of a large Real Estate Investment and Property Management Company. In addition to giving our clients the highest calibre of basic property management services, we excel in the area of Mortgage Financing, Financial Restructuring, Disposition Marketing, Acquisition Consulting, Viability Assessments, and other Real Estate related matters.

The constantly evolving real estate market requires specialized expertise in many areas, and an awareness of conditions and changing trends. Few traditional Property Management companies possess these capabilities. Direct Properties Inc. takes pride in providing superior service and expertise in this market.
The vast experience and knowledge inherent in our senior management staff, combined with an entrepreneurial instinct, will make us the obvious choice for your Property Management and Real Estate consulting needs. The bottom line for owners of residential, commercial, industrial or receivership property is always the best return for your investment dollar. Our team at Direct Properties Inc. has the same goal.

Our current portfolio consists of long term management assignments on hi-rise residential properties, industrial properties, retail plazas, office buildings and several restructurings, on behalf of various clients. We are a results oriented company that prides itself on creating value and providing innovative solutions for our clients.

Make your next choice, Direct Properties Inc. the solution for managing your future!